​​The BACGroup

We believe biological, psychological, and environmental factors can make people vulnerable to potential mental or behavioral health conditions and and/or issues.​​ These conditions or issues can also have implications on a person's or population's health.

We pride ourselves in having an in-depth understanding of 1.) vulnerable populations, 2.) despaired communities, and 3.) the dynamics of populations within  environments - communities. This understanding aids BACH in providing  appropriate and effective behavioral and population health consultation, capacity building and technical  assistance services at the  individual, organizational and community level.

Community Health

"We empower people, communities, and organizations."

We believe there are many factors affecting a population's health, within a community. These factors are tied to  a population's environment and their community resources. ​  


Behavior And Community Health 


What We Do
Behavioral Health

"So be it! I will find the way to do this. See to it! So be it! See to it!"

- Octavia Butler