CROPs, supporting New Orleans's  Transgender     

     community  members, met with New Orleans Police       

     Precinct 2  Commander Gernon and Sergeant Heillon.   

     CROPs leadership helped coach and support community 

     gatekeeper, Kineen Mafa  (aka Tela Love), in outlining the

     needs of her community for this convening.

BACH CROPs' LCSW Michael Robinson  and Dr. Benjamin lecturing about SGLTQ social determinants of health at Tulane University  School of Public Health's 2017 Health, Racism and Communication Series. 


Established in 2016, CROPs' vision  is "building the capacity of people & populations to be healthy and well" and its  mission is "to cultivate, empower, and support the          

  capacity and skills development of vulnerable populations - improving self-efficacy, wellness, and well-being". Thus, in an effort to better service - build the capacity of vulnerable populations , CROPs acquired its 501 (c) 3 status as a public charity, 509 (a) (2).

CROPs' leaders believe that building one ​​​'s self -efficacy  supports improvements in one's wellness and well-being. 

CROPs' scope of work focuses on three target populations/vulnerable communities:

The vulnerable/minority communities     I     Same-gender loving, Trans and Queer (SGLTQ) people /communities     I     ​​Persons with Behavioral Health issues/communities     

CROPs' leadership team, approach framework, and community involvement-activities can be seen below (Pictures below can be enlarged by clicking them)​​

​​The BACGroup

Dr. Earl Nupsius Benjamin, Dr.H.Sc.

Executive Director, CROPs

“I will find the way to do this. So be it! See to it!”     - Octavia Butler

Dr. Benjamin on panel with Deon Haywood, 

Syria Jackson, and other community

stakeholders at the 2018 Greater

New Orleans Funders Network's Quarterly

Convening - discussing social determinants,

disparities and funding and resource needs of

New Orleans and Louisiana’s SGLTQ 


CROPs' SGLTQ/communities work: 

CROPs' Behavior Health/communities work: 

Michael Louis Robinson,


Program Director, CROPs

CROPs' vulnerable populations/minority communities work: 

Black Pride Education Empowerment (BPEE) Series

     BACH's CROPs' Black Pride Educational  Empowerment  (BPEE) Series are events and mediums that focus on same-gender loving  (SGL; Lesbian, Gay,       

     Bisexual), trans , and  queer people's health disparities and resilience.  The  series' inaugural event, the BPEEtalks, took place November 25th at the New

     Orleans Jazz Market.  The event  was a success, with over 200 registrants.  BPEEtalks event pictures can be seen below and videos can be seen     

     on the BPEE Series Facebook page.


     ​The second biennial BPEEtalks will take place in November, 2019. Other, smaller, BPEE Series events will be taking place throughout Louisiana starting 

     in 2018-2019. These events will include smaller community edu-empowerment gathers . The Talks  - 15 minute Facebook Lives where Black SGLTQ

     persons' lived experiences will be featured and discussed, will also be starting in 2018. More information on The Talks will be  shared soon.


​​​​       The BPEE Series 2018  event (Nov. 17th) - BPEE Celebration: I AM ... #Excellence!, an event centered in SGLTQ inter-sectionalities - it highlighted 

       SGLTQ #Excellence, while providing resources, psycho-social experiences and information that supports resilience.  Pictures and videos of the event

       can be seen below.



     CROPs Program Director, Michael Robinson, facilitating a   

     listening session  - assessing self efficacy . The session was for

     African-American men in Jackson, Mississippi.

 CROPs Executive Director, Dr. Earl Benjamin, speaking truth to power at Job1 & ResCare job training graduation - key-note speaker.



     Michael Robinson,

     BACH Therapeutic Counseling

     Services Psychotherapist and

     CEO , provides no cost 

     services  - therapy


     and/or coaching to  BACH's

     identified  target populations.