The Black Pride Education Empowerment (BPEE) Series are programming - events

 and activities, that support and/or build understanding of SGLTQ wholeness,     

 self-worth and resilience. BPEE Series’ efforts are centered in intersectionality

 and social  determinants of health and focus on three factors: capacity,

 belonging and  cultural/family.

Saturday, November 17th 

Three Palms on Tulane Ave.​ 

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BPEE Series

2018 Celebrant, Host, Speakers, Panelist: 


BPEE Celebration:

"I AM ... #Excellence!"

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The BPEE Celebrant is a Black SGLTQ person (in New Orleans/Louisiana) that has empowered and inspired people to be whole - providing SGLTQ persons with examples (via the celebrant's life and/or actions) of growth, perseverance and excellence, while adding to the prestige of what it means to be Black and/or SGLTQ. This year's BPEE Celebrant is SGL woman and psychotherapist Danita Muse (LCSW). Ms. Muse will be honored at the 2018 BPEE Celebration - Nov. 17th @ Three Palms.

Don Evans, Michael Chancley, Michael Hubbard II,  Vaughn Collins

Dr. Earnest Ricks, Joseph McCrory,  Dr. Earl Benjamin, K. D. Monroe

A. Kenyatta Parks,  Jasmine Davis, Deon Haywood, Shaquita Borden

Tela Love,  Amanda Emily Smith, Blaze Edwards, Marco Iverson, and Wendi Cooper (not pictured)

The “BPEE Celebration: I am ... #Excellence” is an event centered in SGLTQ intersectionalities - highlighting SGLTQ #Excellence, while providing resources, experiences and info. that support resilience. The movie srceening -"This Little Light", is from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. and the celebration - food, give-a-ways, speakers and DJ Hah Bruh are from 3:00 - 8:00 p.m. (click pics. below).


  • Wendi Moore-O'Neal  - Director of  the 2018 documentary "This  Little Light"
  • ​J. Christopher - BPEE host & Dillard University Poli-Sci student and founder of Mission to Success
  • Dr. Earl Nupsius Benjamin, Dr.H.Sc. - The BACH Group Principal and Executive Director of BACH's CROPs
  • Michael L. Robinson, MSW, LCSW - The BACH Group Principal, Director of BACH's CROPs and CEO-Psychotherapist  of BACH Therapeutic Counseling Services
  • Deon Haywood - Executive Director of Women With A Vision and international women's advocate
  • Dr. Earnest Ricks, PharmD - Pharmacist
  • Vaughn Collins - Student 
  • Jazmin White - Trans advocate, student, HIV/STI prevention specialists
  • A Kenyatta Parks - Author and communications professional
  • Wendi Cooper, BS, MA - Trans-woman advocate
  • D.M. Monroe, BA - Life coach and retail manager
  • Teryl Lynn Fox, BS - 2017 BPEE Celebrant and Miss Continental Elite 2016
  • Danita Muse, MPH, MSW, LCSW - Psychotherapist and 2018 BPEE Celebrant

In anticipation of the BPEE Series' 2019 "I AM ...#EXCELLENCE!" campaign and the November 17th celebration @ Three Palms, the "I AM ... #EXCELLENCE!" frame is now on Facebook - type BPEE Series to pull it up. It looks best with a washed-out pic (edit your pic as needed). Try it out!

BPEE Series  2018 Supporters:

 BPEE Series Board Members, Louisiana Department of Health STD/HIV Program and  Duke of Orleans.


​​The BACGroup