Getty Israel, MPH
  Public Health Practitioner; 

  author of When Poor Was Healthy​ & 

  Lifestyle Medicine Expert

  Consultant, The BACH Group

Dr. Earl Nupsius Benjamin,
​co-Founder & Principal


     Anthony Fox, MS, LGPC

(Ph.D. candidate)
  Public & Mental 
Health Practitioner 

  Consultant, The BACH Group

Of and From the Community!

    Dr. Chavez Phelps, Ph.D.
  Licensed Psychologist;

School Behavioral Health , Trauma & Motivational Interviewing Expert

Consultant, The BACH Group

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     Jenni Dickherber, MPH, MSW
  Program Evaluation, Strategic Planner &

Public Health Practitioner

  Consultant, The BACH Group

Founders and Principals

Community Health

The BACH Group believes that biological, psychological, and environmental factors can make people vulnerable to potential mental and/or behavioral health problems.

The BACH Group further believes relationships, community, and society must be collectively taken into consideration when addressing the factors influencing people and communities' behavioral health.

The BACH Group believes there are many factors affecting health in communities. Many of these factors are tied to  a population's environment and their community resources. 

The BACH Group also believes that systematic and institutionalize racism, history, employment, livelihood, and educational attainment are additional  factors that must be examined and dealt with to more effectively change a population's health, within a community.  

The BACH Group, LLC is a social, population, and community capacity support practice dedicated to providing consultative and capacity building services that support improvements in behavioral, community, and population health. BACH is driven by a desire to reduce and support an elimination of disease burden, while increasing self efficacy, wellness, and the well-being of vulnerable people and populations.  

BACH's mission is to improve behavioral and population health efforts, by fostering awareness and/or skill development through interventions, best practices, or policies at the individual or community level.​​​

"Empowering People & Community to Improve Lives, Well-being, and Population Health"

About Us

Dr. Earl Nupsius Benjamin is a health equity strategist and well known as a skilled facilitator. He is a population health practitioner with over 15 years of public health experience.  

Dr. Benjamin acquired  the National Minority AETC  (now known as the AETC-National Multicultural Center) certification as a cultural competency trainer in 2008. Since 2015, he has been distinguished by the American Psychological Association as a Health Equity Ambassador.  As a health equity strategist, Dr. Benjamin identifies as a community health worker. He is a national advisory board member of CDC's funded HealthLink and is a Doctor of Health Science graduate  of Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine & Health Sciences.

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   Dr. Eric Griggs, M.D.

    Community Medicine &

Preventive Health


  Consultant, The BACH Group

Michael Louis Robinson,
​co-Founder & Principal 


Behavioral Health
​​The BACGroup

     Dr. Talya Straughter, DPC, LPC
  Mental & 
Behavioral Health Practitioner 

  Consultant, The BACH Group

Michael  Robinson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Psychotherapist, and is adjunct faculty at The School of Social Work, SUNO.  He has been a social services and public health practitioner for 18+ years. He has provided services in a variety of capacities including substance abuse counseling, youth counseling, behavioral interventions, trainer of trainers, health promotion, infectious disease prevention and testing, program development and implementation, community mobilization and grant writing. Mr. Robinson is a proficient mental health practitioner, a sought-after motivational speaker and highly skilled facilitator/trainer.​​

Of and From the Community!


     Valerie Spencer, MSW
  Community Engagement  &

Health Disparities Expert

  Consultant, The BACH Group

     Dr. Tridai Taylor, Ph.D.

Adult Learning &

Professional Development Expert

  Consultant, The BACH Group